Eagle Eye VM-100 Battery Voltage Monitor

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The Eagle Eye VM-100 Battery Voltage Monitor is a simplistic & inexpensive battery monitoring system designed to monitor battery string voltage for over and under voltage conditions. The VM-100 Battery Voltage Monitor is used in 24V, 48V, 125V, and 250V applications - and reads battery bus status, detects out-of-limit conditions, and provides alarm indications per user settings. The unit is equipped with four (4) Form C Contacts - Two (2) Form C contacts for over voltage & Two (2) Form C contacts for under voltage. Modbus protocol output is also available on all units.

Designed with a color touchscreen, the VM-100 Battery Voltage Monitor has a user-friendly interface that displays the monitor's status, under voltage and over voltage trip values, time delay, and IP address settings. When the VM-100 is installed & power is applied to the monitor, the firmware reads the stored settings and begins monitoring. Changing the stored settings, including the over and under voltage parameters & the monitor's IP address is done on the VM-100 color touchscreen. If over or under voltage is detected, the voltage status will appear and the VM-100 can activate a Form C contact. Installation of the VM-100 Voltage Monitor is simple - it can be installed as a wall, panel, or DIN rail unit, and includes a mounting kit for DIN rail or wall mounts.

Monitoring for battery string voltage will provide critical battery cell protection and ensure the longevity of the battery system. Over voltage can lead to overcharging and overheating of the batteries, which can cause irreversible cell destruction. Under voltage will also cause irreversible battery damage if left uncorrected. Measuring battery voltage with the VM-100 will allow the user to determine how charged their batteries are, and allow for immediate corrective action if needed.

The VM-100 includes:

  • VM-100 unit (for 24V, 48V, 125V or 250V)
  • DIN rail mounting clip
  • Backplate for wall mounting
  • User Manual

The VM-100 is one of a family of digital monitors that read offset voltage from ground and alarms for ground faults. Eagle Eye offers the GFM-100 Ground Fault Monitor to monitor battery ground faults. Eagle Eye also offers the VGM-100 which combines the functions of the GFM-100 Ground Fault Monitor & the VM-100 Voltage Monitor into a single unit - allowing monitoring for both battery string voltage and ground faults simultaneously.

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