Alber - Universal Xplorer Battery Monitor (UXTM)

The Universal Xplorer Battery Monitor is a stand alone system. No on-site computer is required for monitoring and alarming. It easily integrates to building management systems and features an embedded Web server with priority email scheduler, 7x24 data collection, analysis, and remote alarm notification.

Alber is about integrity, reliability and product innovation. It is our experience and proven technology that makes the difference between unexpected failure and continued success!

Monitor Critical Parameters Real Time

  • Overall string voltage.
  • Individual cell/block voltages.
  • Individual cell/block temperatures.
  • Ambient temperature.
  • Discharge, float and ripple current.
  • Records and stores discharge events.

Proactive Battery State of Health Testing

  • Tests the entire battery systems integrity.
  • Internal cell/block resistance test.
  • Intercell and intertier connection resistance test.

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