Alber SCT-600 / SCT-1200 Single Cell Test and Charge Systems

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The Perfect Match for the Cellcorder
Designed for 2 volt cells, the SCT is the perfect complement to the Cellcorder. After the Cellcorder identifies a potentially bad cell, the SCT assesses absolute battery capacity using a load test compliant with IEEE. Automatic operation and safety circuits let you program the unit and start the test.

The Alber SCT-600 / SCT-1200 Testers have been discontinued. Please email us at or call us at 877-993-8855 for information on newer products.

System Description
The cell under test may be programmed for a discharge current up to 650 amps (SCT 600) or 1200 amps (SCT 1200) down to an end voltage of 1.75 volts. After cell discharge is complete, the programmable charger initiates the charge cycle. The maximum charger current is 120 amps. The charger is internally current limited to 150 amps.

The SCT can be used with the cell on-line. The SCT package includes the discharge/charge unit, load cables, and Windows software. An optional laptop computer is available.

Advantages and Features

Performs a programmable constant current or profile discharge test.
650 amp internal resistive load bank (SCT 600)
or 1200 amp internal resistive load bank (SCT 1200).
A 1.80 to 2.60 volt, 0 to 120 amp, programmable charger. Automatically recharges the cell after the test.
Stores all test data for future report generation.
USB interface and communication circuitry interfaces to the computer.
Safety circuits prevent damage to the cell under test.

A Report Generator is Included

The Report Generator included with the SCT software reads test data files generated by the SCT program and creates reports. Using the Report Generator, you can customize your reports and include graphs that show detailed test data. After you create the report, save it in an archive format to protect it against changes and ensure information integrity, then forward it to clients who can view it with the stand-alone viewer.


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  • Alber SCT 600 and SCT 1200 User Guide