Alber CVR+ Cell Voltage Recorder Plus

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The Alber CVR+ Cell Voltage Recorder Plus

The CVR+ cell voltage recorder by Alber directly measures and records cell float voltage, uploads temperature and specific gravity (SG) measurement data from a DMA‑35 or DMA‑35N digital hydrometer, and downloads data to a computer running the Alber Battery Analysis Software (BAS). It was specially designed to strictly comply with IEEE standards for testing batteries. You'll save by taking and analyzing more readings in less time.

The high contrast 160 x 128 pixel graphical OLED color display shows menus and test results. A fully charged CVS+ can test for 15 hours, and isolated operation helps ensure safety and makes the CVR+ easy to move around.

The CVR+ displays cell float voltage, temperature and SG readings, charts and graphs on the color display. Test data quickly transfers to a computer, where Albér Battery Analysis Software analyzes battery state of health. An optional compatible hydrometer lets you transfer specific gravity and temperature data using the IR port or RS‑232 cable. You'll find that the CVR+ is one of the easiest ways to perform battery maintenance.

Evaluate as You Test

A major advantage of the CVR+ is being able to immediately view an analysis of the data being collected by providing statistical and graphical analysis of voltage, SG and temperature data during testing. The on‑site technician or engineer may simply pause at any time and view a graph or analysis of the data. The CVR+ makes testing and analysis easy and immediate, before you've left the site.

Accurate Data in a Fraction of Time

The CVR+ performs without the need to disconnect the battery from service. Use the CVR+ on a single cell or multicell modules. The unit stores up to eight strings of 256 cells, which lets the user collect a considerable amount of data before having to transfer it to a storage device or computer. An optional standard Flash drive allows virtually unlimited data storage. After testing, transfer data to a computer via the Flash drive, IR interface or USB cable. Alber Battery Analysis Software analyzes test data, displays results in graph or tabulated formats, and saves and prints reports. You may export reports in ASCII, Excel® or comma-delimited format so other programs can generate customized reports.

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