Battery Testing & Monitoring Equipment

To test and monitor your backup power systems, Alpine Power Systems offers a selection of battery testing equipment from major brands such as AeroVironment (AV), Alber, Eagle Eye Power Solutions, and Midtronics. Our equipment provides our customers with the capabilities to test fuel cells, battery voltage, resistance, specific gravity, and internal resistance to ensure your equipment is operating properly and efficiently. Alpine offers a variety of DC & AC load banks, battery monitoring solutions, battery diagnostic systems, capacity test systems cell voltage testers, cell resistance testers, specific gravity testers, hydrometers, ground fault locators, thermal imaging cameras, monitoring software and other portable testing solutions. Battery testers are the fastest, smallest and most accurate way to ensure reliability of backup power systems and prevent unexpected failures. Hydrometers measure the specific gravity, density and density-related values of your sample and show the measuring results within seconds. Our Ground Fault locator is used to pinpoint faulty grounding where electrical cables have breakage and lost to the ground. Alpine’s Thermal Imaging Cameras are portable, rugged infrared cameras designed for use in a variety of applications including preventative maintenance, construction, medical, & more. Alpine’s battery monitoring systems allow for 24/7/365 monitoring of your battery system.