Emerson Islatrol BC Series

On-air transmission and studio production depend on CLEAN power. Yet in a nanosecond, power surges, spikes and transients can compromise the quality of  broadcasts, or worse, take them off the air altogether. That’s why broadcast operation sneed total power protection solutions from Emerson Network Power Surge Protection. Our Islatrol® BC Series Active Tracking Filters® are designed to protect broadcast equipment from component degradation, malfunction and shortened life associated with AC power line spikes, transients, and noise.

Features and Benefits:

  • 15-80 kA surge protection
  • 47-63 Hz line frequency
  • < .5 ns response time
  • Available in units noted from 15-1,200 Amps
  • RMS voltage input range: 105 to over 480 volts
  • 5 year warranty


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