Emerson Edco SHA-1250

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The Edco SHA-1250 is an upgraded version of the SHA-1210IRS. The two models are equal in surge protection performance. The SHA-1250 also incorporates two LEDs for failure indicator in a modular package (utilizes 12-pin Beau connector). The hardwire terminal base (SHA-1250-BASE-A, ordered separately) accommodates all wiring and the protection module is designed for easy replacement.

The footprint of the SHA-1250-BASE-A is the same as the ACP-340 and SHA-1210. This makes retrofitting older cabinets easy because internal wire lengths do not have to be adjusted. The SHA-1250 offers remote sensing circuitry output that is a dry relay contact closure suitable to interface with a modem or computer port for polling remotely. With this feature, a central computer could detect a failed SHA-1250 at the intersection.

The SHA-1250 provides excellent noise suppression over a large frequency range. Typical noise attenuation is 10db at 10kHz, 50db at 100kHz and 90db at 1MHz.

Features and Benefits:

  • Plug-in module
  • LED indication
  • Filtering
  • Remote-sensing circuitry
  • 5 year warranty


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  • Vertiv Edco SHA 1250 Installation Manual