Liebert SS Series

Liebert SS Series offers a true, coordinated multi-stage system of suppression. It utilizes advanced SAD/MOV array technology for industry leading transient suppression voltages up to 160kA surge current capacity for increased reliability. Liebert Type SS is approved by Motorola R56 Committee, Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites—Type 1 and 2 Devices.

Liebert SS Series integrates the fast response time of the silicon avalanche diode (SAD) with the high energy capability of the metal oxide varistor (MOV) for increased reliability and performance. This unique circuitry does not sacrifice the sensitive SAD module when subjected to a damaging high-energy transient event.

Features and Benefits:

  • Modular TVSS
  • Meets standards for Motorola R56 compliance
  • Offers ideal protection for communications equipment
  • Increases reliability with 160 kA surge current capacity
  • Offers a modular design for flexible installation and ease of service.


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