Liebert ACV Series (AccuVar)

The Liebert ACV Series (AccuVar) is a multi-phase, multi-mode distribution panel-mounted surge protection device that offers continuous protection from damaging transients and electrical line noise.
Liebert ACV Series (AccuVar) incorporates proven technology to provide unparalleled protection from transient surges and electrical line noise. LEDs indicate operation status, and should protection be unavailable in any mode, an audible alarm will sound. In addition, high isolation form C dry contacts for remote monitoring provide indication of suppression system failure. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-modular TVSS
  • Offers an ideal solution for distribution panel-mounted surge suppression
  • Protects against transient surges and electrical line noise
  • Retrofits easily to existing distribution panels
  • Retrofits easily on existing panelboards.
  • Attaches directly to breaker panel.

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