Emerson Edco DRS Series (DC Power)

The Edco DRS Series is a DIN rail-mountable, single-pair surge suppression module that implements three-stage hybrid technology. This module addresses over-voltage transients with gas tubes and silicon avalanche components. In addition, sneak currents are mitigated with resettable fuses (PTCs). The PTCs increase resistance in several orders of magnitude when over-currents exceed safe levels and resume a normal state when over-currents are removed. The ability to self-restore in this manner significantly increases suppressor performance and survivability.

The Edco DRS Series mounts onto a standard 35mm industrial DIN rail. There are three “Field Side” and three “Electronics Side” screw terminals. Three electrically tied ground terminals are provided for grounding the Edco DRS Series unit to Building-Approved Ground. For a 2-terminal version without a shield, order the Edco DRS-XXX-2.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low-voltage data surge protection
  • Three-stage hybrid protection
  • Low profile packaging
  • UL 497B listed *
  • Easy installation
  • Fast response time < 1 nanosecond
  • 5 year warranty
  • Sneak/fault current protection with resettable fuses – PTCs
  • Fits standard 35 mm DIN rail

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