Battery Spill Pillows

Alpine offers Economy, Standard, and Deluxe Pillows for use with EnviroGuard Spill Containment Systems. EnviroGuard's Economy Pillow offers high quality and value. Standard Pillows are a UL recognized component of a UL Listed System. Our Deluxe Pillows are UL Recognized as well as FM Global Approved to ensure the highest level of compliance. If you are replacing your flooded batteries, you also should replace your pillows. Neutralize and adsorb a hazardous electrolyte spill with a convenient pillow. Pillow contains neutralizing acid, enclosed in a flame retardant, corrosion resistant fabric. These Spill containment pillows minimize personnel safety risks and environmental hazards. These battery spill containment pillows handle emergencies in the uncontrolled release of hazardous material (OSHA 1910.1200). Alpine’s acid containment pillows effectively neutralize Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Phosphoric, and Nitric Acids.

The fabric and threads used to manufacturer the battery acid pillow is corrosion resistant. Providing ultimate defense against damaging leakages, Alpine supplies premium spill pads that help contain liquid or oil discharge from battery spills and leaks and equipment spills. Designed to work within multiple shop and field applications, our high-quality battery spill pads are constructed from chemically resistant materials that can contain oils and other acidic fluids. Our spill pads provide invaluable protection for floors and surfaces while allowing users to avoid the hassle of a messy clean up. Absorb and neutralize dangerous battery acid leaks and drips with these special-application pillows. FM Approved (per Approval Standard 4955), UL Recognized and specially designed for VRLA battery applications. Acid-neutralizing filler works on any lead-acid batteries; protect your people and equipment against dangerous leaks, drips and spills. Pillows change color on contact with acid (but not water) to indicate that a spill has occurred. Spill Containment absorbent pillows are used for Lead Acid & Ni-Cad batteries.