BHS Drip Pan Kits for Single Level System Stands

Alpine Power Systems' experienced technical support & sales team is here to assist your needs:

Drip Pan Kits (DK-SS) are specifically designed for use with BHS Single System System Stands. This essential maintenance equipment slides on rails beneath the battery compartment to contain spills and leaks. This simple measure prevents costly floor damage and helps maintain a safe environment in the battery room. Custom sizes are available to fit third-party stands.

BHS Drip Pans are constructed of stainless steel and are corner-formed to prevent leaks and corrosion associated with welded seams. They are electrolyte-resistant and slide easily removed so cleaning is simple and fast. Universal Polypropylene Roll absorbent pads and AcidSorb Pillows are available to make containment of corrosive material even simpler.