Battery Spill Pans and Trays

Alpine Power Systems carries a wide variety of battery spill containment pans and trays. Alpine provides battery drip pans from the leading manufacturers including EnviroGuard and BHS. Alpine has polymer pans, stainless steel pans and acid resistant trays. Drip Pan Kits are essential for a clean and safe battery room. These battery spill trays and pans fit securely beneath battery stand compartments to contain escaped electrolyte, protecting staff, equipment, and flooring from acid burns. When batteries boil over, leak, or drain, Drip Pans prevent the acidic electrolyte from spreading through the battery room. All Alpine battery spill trays and pans are corner-formed, not welded, to eliminate corrosion at the seams. Battery room managers often use Lead Acid Pillows with Drip Pans to further simplify cleanup. Our pans are available in a variety of colors, materials, and thicknesses. Our drip pans and drip trays can be used in temporary, staging, and permanent applications. Alpine has pans and trays for hardwood battery stations, single level system stands and quad stack system stands. Our stainless-steel pans are available with or without a drain plug. Our corrosive and acid resistant trays are meant for flooded rack applications. This simple but essential function prevents floor damage and sequesters corrosive liquids for easy disposal.