Battery Spill Cleanup Kit

Battery spills can be a disaster if uncontained or overlooked. Alpine Power Systems provides Spill Clean-Up Kits in all types and sizes to help your facility prepare and respond appropriately to battery room emergencies. Alpine’s battery room spill kits offer a compact, easy-to-use, and fast-acting way to clean spilled electrolyte. They contain everything you need to safely contain, neutralize, and absorb hazardous battery acid spills while helping to meet safety requirements. Every battery charging area should contain a Battery Spill Kit, which should be strategically placed to ensure a quick, effective response in the event of an acid spill. Contact the Alpine sales team at 877-993-8855 to learn more about our battery spill-response products. Only qualified, trained personnel should attempt the cleanup of a hazardous spill. Always wear protective clothing and equipment when using a battery spill kit. Our battery spill cleanup kits are available with liquid or dry Battery Acid Neutralizer. Our Battery Acid Spill Kits are a must have item for retail battery outlets, automotive repair garages, forklift storage areas, battery storage warehouses and facilities that have large batteries for backup. Battery acid spill kits can be strategically placed for quick response to leaking or spilled battery acid. Our spill cleanup kits are effective for wet or dry cell battery spill cleanup. Sulfuric acid is the type of acid in most batteries and our spill kits will neutralize this type of acid. Our neutralizer is not chemically compatible with hydrofluoric acid and other most strong oxidizers.

Before purchasing a battery acid spill kit, it is important to know the type of acids you have and to have the proper neutralizer in you spill kits. Alpine carries Personal protection equipment (PPE) such as respirators, protective suits and special types of gloves may also be required. The battery acid spill kit we sell is ideal to have on hand for each of your forklifts or have small amounts of acid at your location. This kit is also very popular in labs and in automobile repair shops. All of our battery acid spill kits come with gloves to protect your hands from burns and goggles to protect your eyes. The absorbents are hazmat 100% polypropylene and are yellow in color. Our larger kits include hazmat socks to contain larger spills. The dry and liquid acid neutralizer containers have explicit instructions on how to use the neutralization product. All of the kits are portable so you can respond quickly to a spill. The bucket and drum containers are water proof and the bright red/safety yellow colors are highly visible. Disposal bags are included to hold the used absorbents. The containers the spill kits come in can be used to store the used sorbents until they are disposed of properly. The contents of each kit are noted below for each type of battery acid spill kit. Available in 14 Gallon, 20 Gallon and 30 Gallon, and more sizes.