BHS Battery Emergency Station

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The BHS Battery Emergency Station provides everything a battery room needs to protect and aid staff after battery spills or leaks. This multi-faceted safety station aids in compliance with OSHA and ANSI and protects your most valuable assets.

Electrolyte spills are an unfortunate reality of operating a battery room. Boilovers, leaks, and spills can create hazards of varying severity and size. Be prepared to handle accidents of all kinds with the Battery Emergency Station.

The station combines the Portable Eye WashPersonal Protective Kit, and Spill Kit Cabinet mounted on a Battery Emergency Stand. Together they offer a comprehensive response to acid spills.

The Portable Eye Wash does not require plumbing and allows staff to quickly flush their eyes or rinse their body after being exposed to corrosive liquid. The station provides 15 minutes of flushing solution giving employees ample time to completely wash off hazardous liquids.

The Personal Protective Kit contains gloves, boots, a variety of face protection, and an Acid Protection Apron. These protective garments allow staff to safely neutralize electrolyte without risking bodily injury.

The Spill Kit Cabinet provides the tools staff need to contain and clean up battery acid spills. A gallon of AcidSorb ensures that staff can contain and neutralize a spill before injuries or damages occur. This kit has everything–from a broom and dustpan to disposal bags with ties–that staff need to clean and dispose of spilled electrolyte.