Servato SPS-248 Power Management Systems

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The SPS-248 makes it easier than ever to start proactively managing your backup batteries. Installations are streamlined with the new design and the startup cost per string is as competitive as Servato has ever offered. Like all of Servato’s Battery Management Systems, the SPS-248 delivers the industry’s most comprehensive battery testing, monitoring, and our unique active battery management capabilities including battery life extension through adaptive charging. Alpine Power Systems is a proud provider of Servato battery management products.

Updated to Improve the Ease of Installs

Design updates have made the SPS-248™ even easier to install. This minimizes the upfront cost of installing the battery management even for companies that want to install the system themselves. 

Manage up to 16 Strings of Batteries

The SPS-248™ is capable of managing 1 or 2 strings of batteries, and for sites with more, the unit can be daisy-chained to handle up to 16 Strings of batteries.

Improved Economy of Size

The SPS-248™ also provides the best rack-size to strings-managed ratio. At just 1RU, the solution will fit at most outside plant sites and will not take space from network equipment.

The Most Economical Solution for Redundant Strings

If you want redundant battery backup, you need at least two strings. The SPS-248™ is the most economical way to remotely manage and monitor for redundancy.

Retrofits Simplified

Installing a battery management system at existing sites might sound like a hassle. With Anderson Connectors built into the system and only 1 RU of space necessary, the SPS-248 reduces installation time by 50%. Trained technicians will install the system in under 1-hour.


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