Servato ActiView Monitoring Software

Alpine Power Systems' experienced technical support & sales team is here to assist your needs:

Servato's ActiView battery management and monitoring software specializes in delivering power reliablity and cost savings to wireline, wireless, and other applications that rely on VRLA batteries for backup power.  Alpine Power Systems is a proud provider of Servato battery management products.

ActiView empowers carriers to always know the health of their batteries at every site. Predictive algorithms fuel inventory optimization, decreased downtimes during outages, maintenance insight and more to provide network reliability. Reporting, Alerts, and Servato’s support team supplement our data engine to help unpack all of the insights we derive.

Servato ActiView Battery Testing & Data:

  • Eliminate manual testing and use real-time data on individual battery State of Health
  • Go beyond simple tests -automatically conduct load tests and gather highly accurate OCV, DCR, off-charge data, and more
  • Use predictive analytics for proactive replacement by identifying batteries before they fail
  • Gather rectifier and temperature data to identify other risk factors
  • Double battery life with Adaptive Charging instead of Float
  • Manage batteries properly during power outages

Servato ActiView Benefits:

  • Easy to use - ActiView® points to battery issues so your technicians don’t have to be data scientists
  • Advanced signature library identifies nuanced battery issues
  • Integrate ActiView® seemlessly into your NOC
  • Security is built into the solution from the ground up
  • Remotely diagnose and correct issues without sending a technician

Servato delivers confidence in your backup batteries so they are prepared for outages. Provide the reliable service your customers deserve. Servato designs solutions for 12V VRLAs in -48V applications.

Know Before You Go

Servato’s proprietary algorithms empower you to know what kind of maintenance needs to be implemented before making a site visit.

Streamline Outage Responses

Power outages currently cause carriers to have to make guesses about which site to allocate resources. Servato’s patent-pending Battery Fuel Gauge gives you real-time updates on how much DC power supply is left at a particular site, giving you the insights to keep more customers connected for longer.

Environmental Impact

Servato’s Industrial Internet of Things overlays temperature data and soon others, such as humidity. Smart Power System technology is temperature agnostic in extending battery life on our end, so the value in this data pertains to understanding how these external factors can impact equipment at your site.

Summary, Alerts, and Reports

On top of the differentiating features that our technology provides, we have deliberate communication tailored to you from Servato’s analytics engine.