PowerMAX Power Cabinet

A Robust DC Power Solution For Utility, UPS, or Telecom Applications

Alpine's PowerMAX® Power Cabinet is an ideal solution for battery power up to 135 VDC. Designed for indoor use, this system will save space, improve safety, and reduce maintenance costs. Installed with sealed battery technology, you can expect up to 20 years of reliability at 77 degree ambient room temperature (10 years at 95 degrees). This system can permanently replace larger wet cell options or be used as a mobile temporary power source.

Safe Enclosure | Small Footprint | Zero Watering

PowerMAX® Power Cabinet Benefits:

  • The cabinet provides a safe, pad lockable, enclosure for your battery system.
  • Smaller footprint than traditional wet cell battery systems.
    • ​Cabinet Dimensions: 56" L x 27.75" W x 39.9" H
  • Cabinet can be moved with a pallet jack or forklift and comes with removable casters.
  • 100amp double throw switch allows a safe connection to a temporary battery bank for testing and replacements. To be used in conjunction with a filtered charger.
  • Cabinet is powder coated and ventilated.
  • Optional quick connects for easy connections to main charger cables.

Note: The double throw switch can be replaced with a second paralleled battery bank if twice the Ah is required. The throw switch can be wall-mounted as an alternative.

EnerSys SBSXL High Heat 12V Batteries Benefits:

  • Pure Lead battery chemistry with a 20-year design life ay 77 degree ambient temperature. Warrantied for utility applications 7 years full / 5 years prorated.
  • 10 year design life at constant 95 degree ambient room temperature.*
  • No watering required.
  • Less man hours for preventative maintenance.
  • Currently available in 80Ah, 150Ah, and 170Ah models.
  • Replacements can be done "in house".

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