Enclosures and Racks

Alpine Power Systems is a diamond value-added distributer of Vertiv (Previously Emerson Network Power) Data Center Racks & Enclosures. We offer robust, lockable racks for Data Center, Server, and Network applications. Our server racks and enclosures are compatible with all the leading OEMs servers and equipment. Alpine’s inventory of Enclosures provides solutions for computer rooms of all sizes. Depending on your specific needs, Alpine Power Systems can provide Data Center Cabinets, Racks & Enclosures equipped with Precision Cooling, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Rack Power Distribution Units, and Cable Management.

Our experienced technicians will travel on-site to install, maintain, and repair all Data Center Racks & Enclosures to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. Our rack and containment products deliver flexibility, adaptability and cost-effective solutions to your specific data center requirements. Alpine’s rack enclosure systems have been engineered to optimize proper airflow and to promote efficient cable management that allows for quick and easy access as new equipment is installed in the rack. Superior cable management is imperative with today's rack enclosures packed to capacity with a mix of equipment. Our rack enclosure systems provide high-capacity cable management needed to keep cable density under control. In addition to the standard server enclosures, several options are available for specific applications, including seismic-certified vibration resistant cabinets, and enclosures with built-in cooling solutions. Other examples focus on security, portability, and enduring outdoor conditions. There are even models specifically built with fiber optics in mind. We offer a full line of data center cabinets and racks with features to protect equipment from physical security threats as well as ESD damage, Alpine’s server, switch, open rack and wall mount cabinets provide a durable physical layer to protect even the most sensitive electronics inside.  Alpine can be your full-service data center solutions partner.