Eagle Eye BC-1000 Industrial Float Charger

Product Description

The BC-1000 is a stationary float battery charger designed for use in utility, switchgear, and other industrial environments. Nominal ratings include models at 24, 48, or 130 volts DC and 6 to 50 amps DC. Built-in alarms are included for high DC voltage, low DC voltage, positive and negative ground fault, and end of discharge. The unit has digital controls and an LCD display. A number of safety features are included such as wire protection on all field terminals and full AC input and DC output protection. All BC-1000 units include a standard 5-year warranty.

Standard Features

  • LCD Display and Navigation Pad
  • Field Programmable with Security Levels
  • Compatible with a wide variety of battery types
  • Vented lead-acid (VLA), valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), and nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd)
  • AC, DC, Float and Equalize Indicator LEDs
  • High / low DC Voltage Alarm
  • High / low DC Voltage Alarm and AC Fail Indication
  • Positive and Negative Ground Fault Alarm
  • High DC Voltage Shutdown
  • Summary Alarm Relay
  • Summary Alarm Buzzer
  • Push Button Mode Selection
  • Full AC Input and DC Output Protection
  • AC Input and DC Output Circuit Breakers
  • Control Panel and Circuit Breakers Recessed
  • AC and DC Surge Suppressors
  • Wire Protection on all Field Terminals
  • Bottom / Side Cable Entry
  • Compression Terminal Strip for Field Wiring

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