Eagle Eye MIS-2000 Modular Inverter System

Product Description

The Eagle Eye MIS-2000 inverter system is a 20 kVA TO 75 kVA unit that operates at 48vdc, accepting input of 120/240/208 VAC. This Modular Inverter Power System is equipped with hot swappable modules that are connected to DC and AC sources, producing an uninterrupted, reliable AC supply.

Product Features

  • Energy Efficient: The TSI technology performance is unmatched in the industry. 94% in AC to Ac double conversion (EPC mode)
  • Maximum Reliability: The TSI technology eliminates the Static Transfer Switch (STS), the single point of failure in a traditional inverter design
  • Scalable: TSI features a parallel design. Hence, modules are HOT swappable and field upgradable.
  • Power Density: The TSI inverter has the industry’s highest power per square area
  • Enhanced Power Conversion (EPC): Processes all incoming AC mains supply to ensure clean, reliable power is delivered to the critical applications
  • The MIS-2000 system is CE marked according to IEC/EN 60950:1, IEC/ EN62040 and complies with EMC Class A.

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