DC Power Systems

Alpine Power Systems is a leader in providing safe and reliable direct current (DC) power. No matter your application, Alpine can provide expertly engineered DC control, distribution, monitoring, and power systems. DC power systems take continuous AC "voltage in" and provide controlled / variable DC "voltage out". DC power systems consist of voltage matching / isolation transformers coupled with SCR bridges packaged in an enclosure that usually includes circuit breakers, metering and pilot light indication. A DC Power System that is not running at peak performance will cost customers considerable profit, therefore Alpine Power Systems makes sure the proper DC Power System is chosen and installed correctly. As a master value added distributor of products such as Vertiv NetSure (Previously Emerson Network Power), Vertiv Chloride, La Marche, Actura, and Hindle Power.

Vertiv DC Power Systems are powerful solutions for critical data and telecom applications. From major switching and data centers to remote shelters and computer rooms, Vertiv DC power systems have the features and proven performance to meet your network application needs. The Vertiv line of DC power systems demonstrates unmatched reliability and industry-leading efficiency ratings at -48 and +24 VDC. Vertiv rectifiers (the heart of the power system) – have some of the highest power densities and smallest footprints in the business. These power solutions can be further enhanced with the addition of intelligent controllers, remote system monitors, battery management units and a full range of distribution modules. The NetSure DC Power technology platform leverages Vertiv’s range of products and services, creating an unprecedented amount of synergy within an integrated DC power solutions platform. The NetSure DC power solution can be customized to fit the exact application. These systems come in extremely dense packages that can be mounted in any indoor or outdoor application for wireless and wireline networks and can be optimized to meet current requirements, while allowing for easy expansion in the future. You need power you can count on and our DC power products deliver. Long known for reliability in telecommunications networks, DC power is also proving to be a viable alternative for IT networks. Our DC power products offer both efficient power protection with unit-level redundancy and easy connectivity with renewable energy sources.

Alpine provides the expert experience and knowledge you require to ensure your dc power supply is up and running and maintained properly, significantly reducing operating costs.  Alpine Power Systems can provide and install DC Supply Power to the Telecom, Data Center, Cable TV, Security and Traffic markets to deliver a broad assortment of DC power solutions. From multi-bay systems for large central offices to small shelf systems that can mount on a wall or occupy a single rack space, Alpha’s DC power solutions integrate leading edge power conversion technology and Cordex controllers with distribution options to serve a broad variety of applications. Alpine offers an extensive selection of DC power equipment including rectifiers, distribution, converters, inverters, DC/AC hybrid systems, utility charges, power conditioners, surge suppressors, low voltage disconnects, controllers, remote and local monitoring, as well as indoor and outdoor enclosures.