FIAMM 24 OPzS 3000 Batteries

FIAMM 24 OPzS 3000 LA Summary:

FIAMM 24 OPzS 3000 Batteries use flooded tubular technology that has outstanding cycling performance. These batteries can be used for telecom, emergency lighting, switchgear, utilities, and more applications.

FIAMM 24 OPzS 3000 LA General Specifications:

Cell Type: LM 3000

Capacity (Ah) 8hr rate 1.75 Vpc: 3288

Length: 8.4 in, 213.36 mm

Width: 22.7 in, 576.58 mm

Total Height: 32.9 in, 835.66 mm

Weight: 504.9 lbs, 229.02 kg

Electrolyte Volume Sg 1.24 (gals): 13.40

Terminals (+ -) : 4

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