FIAMM Endurlite OPzS Batteries

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The FIAMM Endurlite OPzS battery series uses flooded tubular technology that has outstanding cycling performance. These batteries can be used for telecom, emergency lighting, switchgear, utilities, and more applications.

OPzS 2V cells - 100Ah to 3500Ah nominal capacity

FIAMM Endurlite LM OPzS Applications:

- IT and Telecom network operations

- Power plants and power distribution

- Emergency lighting and Security

- Automation & Industrial backup power

- Railway, Airport & Seaport signaling

- Applications in areas with unreliable power

FIAMM Endurlite LM OPzS Features & Benefits:

  • Tubular positive plate design
  • Dimensions are in accordance with DIN 40736 OPzS standards and are compatible with existing installations
  • Outstanding cycling performance
  • Suitable for use at elevated temperature and reliable operation in difficult conditions
  • Optimized for deep discharge recovery
  • 20 years design life under float voltage condition
  • Also available in dry charged version
  • 100% Recyclable



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  • FIAMM Endurlite OPzS Battery Specifications