EnerSys PowerSafe RL Batteries

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The PowerSafe RL series of nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are specifically designed to provide exceptionally long life at extreme temperatures. This coupled with the inherent low maintenance requirements make the PowerSafe Ni-Cd battery series an ideal choice for railroad, renewables, off-grid, telecommunications and complex duty cycle applications.

The robust design means an excellent resistance against electrical and mechanical stress, low risk of terminal degradation and a proven 20 year plus service life. This combination and extensive use in service make the PowerSafe Ni-Cd battery series the right choice for industrial applications requiring superior reliability and the highest safety integrity.

Features and Benefits:

  • Capacity range: 11Ah - 1500Ah
  • Recommended discharge time: 1 hr to 100 hr
  • Excellent resistance against electrical and mechanical stress
  • No risks of terminal decomposition or catastrophic failure due to the plate construction
  • Proven long service life: 20 years in stationary cycling operations
  • Operational temperature: -40°F (-40ºC) to 122°F (50ºC)
  • Long storage life
  • Robust construction
  • Sufficient electrolyte reserve - long maintenance interval
  • Translucent plastic cases for visible electrolyte level

PowerSafe RL Battery Models: RL 11, RL 18, RL 24, RL 30, RL 40, RL 45, RL 55, RL 65, RL 80, RL 100. RL 120, RL 140, RL 160, RL 185, RL 200, RL 230, RL 270, RL 300, RL 340, RL 370, RL 400, RL 435, RL 470, RL 520, RL 560, RL 625, RL 650, RL 740, RL 800, RL 840, RL 910, RL 1000, RL 1040, RL 1120, RL 1250, RL 1350, RL 1400, RL 1500, RL 1620, RL 1700

Alpine Power Systems provides critical power services  on EnerSys batteries for data center, telecom, CATV, Utility, and other apllications. Alpine's certified technician's can provide EnerSys installation, battery preventative maintenance, monitoring and recycling services nationwide. Call or email us today for quotation requests and technical inquiries.

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  • UPS
  • Utilities & Switchgear


  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)



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  • EnerSys PowerSafe RL Range Summary
  • PowerSafe-RL-RM-RN-RH-Installation-Operation-Manual.pdf
  • Quick-Reference-Guide-for-Renewable-Energy-Storage-Solutions.pdf
  • SDS-853025-Nickel-Cadmium-Batteries.pdf
  • Standby-Power-Product-Overview.pdf