Alcad SD 15 Batteries

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Alcad SD 15 Summary:

Alcad SD 15 Batteries are general purpose batteries offering the best balance of performance, life and cycling. This makes them perfect in single- or multi-load applications, including switchgear, communications, emergency lighting, and data processing. Alcad lead-selenium cells represent the best possible compromise in lead-acid pasted-plate technology. The grid alloy combines the reliability and good cycling capability of lead-antimony with the stable charging characteristics and low maintenance of lead-calcium.

Alcad SD 15 General Specifications:

Nominal Ah Capacity: 280

Cell Weight Empty: 38.5 lb, 17.46 kg

Cell Weight Filled: 55 lb, 24.95 kg

Volume of Acid (gal): 1.6

Length: 5.7 in, 144.78 mm

Width: 8.1 in, 205.74 mm

Height: 16.1 in, 408.94 mm

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