Utilities & Switchgear Batteries

As a Platinum Master Distributer, Alpine Power Systems is experienced with working with our customers to provide reliable and safe switch/control/utility battery systems. We offer a large selection of flooded (VLA, wet), sealed (VRLA), and nickel cadmium (NICD) batteries to provide flexible backup power solutions for our customer’s unique needs. Our technicians are experts in assessing the correct battery systems required, installing the systems properly, maintaining the battery systems to ensure maximum efficiency, and recycling spent batteries in a safe manner. The electrical utility industry is a major provider of energy in most countries. Power supply systems with battery backup are used in power plants, switching stations, power distribution, and generator starting. A major concern of today’s utility industry are power disturbances shutdowns, power surges, blackouts, brown outs, power outages, and power interruptions. A growing demand and aging infrastructures are a few of the culprits leading to these concerns. Alpine carries utility and switchgear batteries across a wide capacity range (30 – to 6000-amp hours) to assure long life and discharge performance. Alpine’s decades of experience with electrical utility applications makes our DC energy storage portfolio the #1 choice.

Alpine Power System can provide a wide range of switchgear and utility battery accessories including battery chargers, battery racks, battery cabinets, battery disconnects, eye wash stations, PPE (personal protection equipment), and battery spill containment. Alpine offers utility and switchgear battery systems for a variety of applications including for reliable small control power sources for your substation switchgear, critical generation station DC power supply, and more to deliver power and energy when needed. Alpine Power Systems has certified DC Power technicians that will recommend the correct battery system to handle plan UPS and SCADA loads (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Alpine’s team of system integrators provide our customers with large Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for renewable energy (time shifting or firming), load leveling, peak shaving, frequency regulation, and spinning reserve. Alpine Power Systems can help stabilize your power grid and improver power efficiency and quality.