Vision 6FM230-X Batteries

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Vision 6FM230-X Summary:

Vision 6FM230-X batteries are designed for general-purpose applications, such as UPS, telecom, and electrical utilities. With more than 15 years of production experience, VISION FM series of VRLA batteries are recognized as the most reliable and high quality battery system in the industry.

Vision 6FM230-X General Specifications:

Nominal Voltage (V): 12

Nominal Capacity (10hr/Ah): 230

Unit Length: 520 mm, 20.50 in

Unit Width: 269 mm, 10.60 in

Unit Height: 203 mm, 8.00 in

Total Height: 208 mm, 8.20 in

Terminal: F12

Weight: 72.6 kg, 160.10 lbs

Additional Details


  • Telecom


  • AGM (VRLA)