NorthStar UPS Batteries

NorthStar UPS Batteries have higher temperature capabilities that allow data centers to increase operating temperatures and reduce electricity costs by more than 40%.

Our high performance batteries deliver more watts per cell, which can reduce footprint required by 10%. Our batteries have a longer life, which means less replacements and reduced operating costs of more than 20%.
The NorthStar UPS batteries are designed with our advanced thin plate construction, providing greater surface area than in standard batteries. The greater area typically delivers 10-15% better performance on the high-discharge rates required by the UPS industry.
In the event of a power outage, most UPS users need 5-15 minutes of runtime so computers can backup important data. This puts a strain on the batteries, and the high surface area in NorthStar batteries ensures the power is delivered when it is needed.

Northstar UPS battery models include: NSB 12-170 RT, NSB 12-245 RT, NSB 12-365 RT, NSB 12-400 TT, NSB 12-425 RT, NSB 12-450 RT, NSB 12-540 TT, NSB 12-570 TT, NSB 12-650 RT & NSB 12-730 RT

NorthStar UPS Features and Benefits:

  • Performance excels at high rates of discharge and recharge
  • Advanced automation in manufacturing processes ensure consistency and reliability
  • Advanced AGM materials significantly enhance performance and reliability
  • Exceptional performance under deep or shallow cyclic discharge applications
  • Operations within an extreme temperature range
  • Advanced 3 stage terminal design to ensure leak free operation