Narada HRL UPS Batteries

Narada HRL (High Rate Long Life) is a series of high rate VRLA batteries. The HRL battery is specially designed for large data centers and UPS Systems. With excellent high-power discharge performance, high reliability, long life design, wide operating temperature range, HRL series is ideal for high performance UPS batteries.

Narada HRL Battery Features & Benefits:

  • 2V / 12V
  • Extreme better & focus on high rate discharge (5min to 15min rate)
  • Premium design for high reliability & Safety
  • Both top terminal and front terminal are available
  • Patent Terminal sealing & front access
  • Self-regulating pressure relief valve with flame arrester
  • Terminal cover for insulation with flexible access
  • Flame retardant ABS case (UL94 V-0, optional)
  • Special designed terminals and plates for low internal resistance
  • Centralized H2 gas vent kit from front terminal type only.
  • Comply with IEC, IEEE, UL, EN, CE standards, etc.
  • Design life at 25°C (77°F): 12+ years


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