Midac MTM 12-470W Batteries

Midac MTM 12-470W Summary:

Midac MTM 12-470W batteries from 41Ah to 231Ah and guarantees 10+ years of design life, high rate performance, maximum charging efficiency, easy handling, and easy installation.

Midac MTM 12-470W General Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 12

Actual Capacity to 1.8Vpc at 20°C Ah/10hrs: 92

Actual Power to 1.60Vpc at 20°C Ah/10min: 470

Ri (m0hm): 5,275

Isc (kA): 2,393

Length: 330 mm, 12.99 in

Width: 174 mm, 6.85 in

Overall Height: 225 mm, 8.86 in

Weight: 29.9 kg, 65.92 lbs

Terminals: (2x) D18 M8