Leoch XVP12-330 Batteries

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Leoch XVP12-330 Summary:

The Leoch XVP12-330 batteries are designed for UPS power cabinets for Critical Data Centers (High Rate UPS),  Banks & Financial Centers, Hospital & Testing Laboratories, Emergency Lighting, Emergency Power Supply, & High Power Backup Supply.

Leoch XP12-330 General Specifications:

Voltage: 12

15MIN-1.60 V / Cell (Watts): 330

Unit Length: 306 mm, 12 in

Unit Width: 168 mm, 6.61 in

Unit Height: 208 mm, 8.19 in

Total Height: 214 mm, 8.43 in

Approximate Weight: 26.5 kg, 58.4 lbs

Terminal Type: T6

Additional Details


  • AGM (VRLA)