Leoch LPF Batteries

Front Terminal AGM Telecom & Utility Control Applications:

Leoch LPF Batteries Designed for Standard 19" or 23 " relay racks and power cabinets / Network connection equipment of communication systems / Wireless and Wireline Telecom sites / local area network / Power stations systems / Excellent for APU (Aux Power Units)

Front Terminal AGM - High Rate UPS Application:

The Leoch LPF Series is designed for UPS power cabinets requiring front terminals for easy maintenance recording, critical UPS, standby power supply,  and APU systems.

Leoch LPF Series General Features:

  • Capacity 40 to 1801 AH - 136 to 783 WPC for 15 min to 1.67 VPC
  • Virgin lead plates w/ copper alloy terminal inserts (low resistance)
  • Easy Access to front terminals speeds voltage & ohmic readings
  • Solid ABS jar and cover (UL94V-0 Flame Retardant available)
  • Strong gravity casted grids for long life
  • Designed for critical telecom and critical high rate UPS applications - 10-12 year design life
  • 100% initial capacity and streamlined design speeds installation
  • UL recognized, IEC60896-21 & 22 certified and IATA approved for air freight