Hoppecke Grid Power V L 2-325 Batteries

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The grid | power V L 2-325 (series OPzS) is a low-maintenance, vented lead-acid 2V cell in conventional technology with liquid electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid). OPzS batteries are among the longest-lasting lead batteries and are absolutely reliable energy suppliers with a long service life and the highest level of reliability, even for critical applications.

Hoppecke Grid Power V L 2-325 Battery Specifications:

Type: 6 OPzS 300

C10/1.80 V: 320 Ah

C5/1.77 V: 273 Ah

C3/1.75 V: 241 Ah

C1/1.67 V: 177 Ah

Weight: 24.9 kg

Weight Electrolyte: 6.7 kg

Length: 147 mm

Width: 208 mm

Height: 420 mm

Additional Details


  • Emergency Lighting


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