GNB Flooded Classic PDQ Batteries

GNB Flooded Classic PDQ batteries are made for applications requiring a large amount of power for relatively short periods of time including computer or data center UPS systems. GNB’s Flooded Classic PDQ batteries are available with nominal ratings ranging from 1845 to 4370 watts per cell. The grids and separators in the high rate batteries are design-optimized to allow current to flow out of the battery as quickly as the application demands. Solid copper terminal posts add to the improved high rate performance while increasing connection integrity.

GNB Flooded Classic PDQ Specifications:

Grid Alloy: Positive: Lead Calcium; Negative: Lead Calcium


Electrolyte Withdrawal Tubes: 1 per cell minimum

Level Lines: High and Low

Posts: Solid Copper, lead plated.

One positive and one negative per cell. (1.75” x .5”)

Post Seal: Floating “O” Ring, Seal Nut

Safety Vent: GNB “Pre-Vent” Flame Arrestor

Float Voltage Range:

2.23 to 2.33 Volts per Cell for 1.250 specific gravity @ 25�_C (77�_F)

2.17 to 2.25 Volts per Cell for 1.215 specific gravity @ 25�_C (77�_F)


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