FIAMM SGL / SGH GroE Batteries

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FIAMM SGL & SGH GroE batteries are excellent for high current discharge, medium to long discharge, and deep discharge applications.

2V cells – 84 Ah to 2997Ah nominal capacity

FIAMM SGL & SGH GroE Applications:

  • Nuclear and thermal power plants
  • Electrical Utilities /Switchgear / Substations
  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency lighting
  • Railway crossing & signal
  • UPS & datacenter systems
  • Starter batteries for diesel generators

FIAMM SGL / SGL GroE Features & Benefits:

  • Pure lead Planté plate design.
  • 25 years design life in float operation in temperature controlled environments.
  • 100% rated capacity throughout the battery life.
  • No battery oversizing required.
  • Excellent for high current discharge (1 to 60 min), medium to long discharge (2 to 8 hours) and deep discharge applications.
  • Designed for extended operation between watering intervals when operated under float conditions.
  • 100% Recyclable

Additional Details


  • Security & Alarms
  • UPS


  • Lead Acid - Flooded


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  • FIAMM SGL/SGL Dry Charged
  • FIAMM SGL Flooded
  • FIAMM SGL Folder
  • FIAMM SGL/SGL GroE Brouchure