FIAMM Highlite FLX Batteries

The FIAMM Highlite FLX battery has been designed for high rate discharge UPS applications. The FLX battery series has a 10 year design life at 77°F on float.

  • 12V AGM blocs - 100WPC to 700WPC

FIAMM Highlite FLX Applications:

  • High rate discharge UPS application
  • Emergency power supply systems
  • IT network operations and data centers
  • Emergency lighting

FIAMM Highlite FLX Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 10 year design life at 77°F on float
  • High energy density allows more compact battery layout and footprint
  • Easy installation in cabinets or racks
  • Non-spillable
  • AGM recombination technology minimizes gassing
  • No water additions required
  • Non-hazardous designation for air/sea/rail/road transportation
  • 100% recyclable

FIAMM Highlite FLX Standards:

- UL Recognized

- UL 1778 4th edition - UPS equipment certification

- IEC 60896 Part 21 - VRLA methods of testing

- IEC 60896 Part 22 - VRLA requirements

- BS 6290 Part 4 – Specifications  for VRLA classification


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