FIAMM FG Batteries

FIAMM FG batteries are designed to achieve optimal performance and to protect critical equipment and processes from power disturbances.

FIAMM FG Applications:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Signaling
  • Security & alarm systems
  • UPS applications
  • Recreational products
  • Medical equipment
  • Renewable energy storage

FIAMM FG Features & Benefits:

  • Available in 6V and 12V monobloc designs
  • Optimal for discharges up to 20 hours in duration
  • 5 year design life in float applications with temperature controlled environments
  • VRLA AGM technology with a 99% recombination efficiency assuring long life
  • Non-spillable with no water additions necessary
  • Non-hazardous designation for air/sea/rail/road transportation
  • 100% recyclable

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