EnerSys Genesis G70EP Batteries

EnerSys Genesis G70EP Summary:

The EnerSys Genesis G70EP batteries are found in applications as diverse as electronics, medical equipment, telecommunications, renewable energy, computer backup and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) applications. In addition to its superior performance characteristics, the Genesis EP battery excels in physically demanding applications.

The TPPL technology allows the battery to pack more power into a smaller footprint. The EP battery also offers deep cycling capabilities, fast recharge abilities and a non-spillable design which allows mounting in any position except inverted.


EnerSys Genesis G70EP General Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 12V

Nominal Capacity 10 Hr Rate (Ah): 72

Length: 12.94 inches, 328.7 millimeters

Width: 6.54 inches, 166.1 millimeters

Height: 6.85 inches, 174.0 millimeters

Typical Weight: 53.5 lbs, 24.3 kg

Torque: 60 in-lbs, 6.8 Nm

Internal Resistance(mΩ): 6.1

Short Circuit Current (A): 2100