EnerSys DataSafe XE 12XE1110F-FR Batteries

EnerSys DataSafe XE 12XE1110F-FR Summary:

The EnerSys DataSafe XE 12XE1110F-FR ranges of front and top terminal batteries has been developed to meet the challenging demands of the modern UPS market sector. Conventional Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) batteries that historically focused on a 15 minute rate discharge have become increasingly ineffective in fulfilling the growing need for sub five minute autonomies. Furthermore, the pressure to lower energy costs by minimizing air conditioning in equipment rooms results in a trend towards higher operating temperatures.


EnerSys DataSafe XE 12XE1110-FR General Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 12V

Watts/Cell (Wpc)

5min/1.67Vpc-77F/25C: 1009

15min/1.67Vpc-77F/25C: 649

Nominal Capacity (Ah)

C10/1.80Vpc-68F/20C: 165

C10/1.80Vpc-68F/20C: 167

Nominal Dimensions

Length: 22.9 inches, 581 millimeters

Width: 4.9inches, 125 millimeters

Overall Height: 11.1 inches, 283 millimeters

Typical Weight: 114 lbs, 51.7 kg

Short Circuit Current (A): 3916

Internal Resistant (mΩ)**: 3.2

Terminals: M6 male