EnerSys DataSafe NPX-35-6 Batteries

DataSafe NPX -35-6 valve regulated lead-acid batteries are designed for high rate discharge applications. These batteries are used primarily where high wattage is required for a short duration. With 50% more wattage available and a 30% reduction in size over conventional batteries, DataSafe batteries offer a superior value, especially in UPS applications.

EnerSys DataSafe NPX-35-6 General Specifications:

Volts: 6V

W/ Cell to 1.67 End Voltage (15 Min. Rate): 35

Nominal Ah 20hr to 1.75VPC: 8

Length: 151 mm, 5.95 in

Width: 33 mm, 1.3 in

Terminals: 100 mm, 3.94 in

Weight: 1.43 kgsm 3.15 lbs

Internal Resistance (m): 12

Layout: 1

Terminals: A/B


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