EnerSys DataSafe HX 16HX800F-FR Batteries

DataSafe HX Front Terminal batteries are the latest additions to the highly successful high power density range from EnerSys. EnerSys engineers set out to develop true UPS batteries that would be space efficient and easy to maintain. The 16HX800F-FR monoblocs are revolutionary 16V, front terminal designs, built on advanced electrochemistry and backed by over 100 years experience in battery technology and manufacture.

General Specifications for EnerSys DataSafe 16HX800F-FR:

Battery Type: 16HX800F-FR

Nominal Voltage (V): 16

Watts/Cell 15 min. rate to 1.67 volts at 25°C (77°F): 800

Length (mm): 692

Length (inch): 27.2

Width (mm): 177

Width (inch): 7.0

Height (mm): 313

Height (inch): 12.3

Typical Weight (kg): 105.2

Typical Weight (lbs): 232

Short Circuit Current (A): 6415

Internal Resistance: 2.6

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