Enersys DataSafe ES-7 Batteries

EnerSys DataSafe ES-7 Summary:

Enersys DataSafe ES-7 batteries are economical lead-calcium, flat plate batteries.  The ES unit is a medium power single-cell battery for high performance and short duration rates.  Ideal applications are UPS and switchgear. 

This battery has more than 20 years of field experience.  The battery is optimized with respect to number of plates, plate thickness and available "free electrolyte" to ensure optimum performance during short duration discharges without sacrificing component integrity. 

EnerSys DataSafe ES-7 General Specifications:

Nominal Ah Cap: 200

Length:  5.10 in, 130 mm

Width: 11.06 in, 274 mm

Height: 18.7 in, 475 mm

Unpacked: 61 lb, 27.7 kgs

Domestic packed: 63 lbs, 28.6 kgs

Electrolyte Only 1.215 S.G:  23 lbs, 10.5 kgs, 2.3 gal, 8.7 L