EnerSys Datasafe DX 4DX-15 Batteries

The DataSafeTM DX 4DX-15 range of flooded lead calcium flat plate batteries has been designed for use in UPS applications, more specifically large data centers, which demand the highest levels of security and reliability. The proven reliability of DataSafe DX 4DX-15 as a leading high rate performance battery is backed by 20 + years of experience in the marketplace. The DataSafe DX 4DX-15 is an economical multi-cell calcium flat plate battery. Multi-cell construction requires fewer units, resulting in lower installation cost. While optimizing the space available in the battery room, it delivers superior performance making the DataSafe DX 4DX-15 a superlative cost-effective battery.

General Specifications

Number of Cells: 4

Nominal Voltage: 8


15 min. rate to 1.67Vpc @ 77°F(25°C) (1.215 S.G.): 2048

15 min. rate to 1.87Vpc @ 77°F(25°C) (1.250 S.G.): 2254

Nominal Dimensions:

Length mm: 424

Length in: 16.7

WIdth mm: 406

Width in: 16.0

Height mm:576

Height in:22.68


Unpacked kg: 265.5

Unpacked lbs: 606

Domestic Packed kg: 283.6

Domestic Packed lbs: 624

Electrolyte only kg: 59.1

Electrolyte only lbs: 130

Electrolyte only l: 47.3

Electrolyte only gal: 12.5