EnerSys DataSafe 3CX-9M Batteries

EnerSys DataSafe 3CX-9m Summary:

The EnerSys DataSafe 3CX-9M is an economical multi-cell flat plate battery.  The CX-M is optimized for high performance and provides excellent short duration discharge rates.  The DataSafe CX-M battery features the Slide-Lock post seal design. The DataSafe CX-M battery was designed for easier maintenance since all the posts and connectors reside above the cell cover; maintenance routines, including individual cell monitoring and intercell resistance measurements are simplified.

The economical design and footprint, combined with Slide-Lock post and excellent performance in short duration discharges makes this an ideal battery in both UPS and switchgear applications.

EnerSys DataSafe 3CX-9M General Specifications:

Nominal Ah Cap: 185

Length:  12.2 in, 310 mm

Width: 9.0 in, 229 mm

Height: 14.8 in, 375 mm

Unpacked: 107 lb, 48.5 kgs

Domestic packed: 114 lbs, 51.7 kgs

Electrolyte Only 1.215 S.G:  36 lbs, 16.3 kgs, 3.5 gal, 13.4 L