EnerSys DataSafe C Batteries

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The EnerSys DataSafe CX-M battery is an economical multi-cell flat plate battery.  The CX-M unit is optimized for high performance and provides excellent short duration discharge rates. Alpine power systems is a platinum distributor of EnerSys battery products. Alpine’s Certified Technicians are able to provide turnkey design, installation, preventative maintenance, and recycling battery services nationwide.

The DataSafe C battery now features the Slide-Lock™ post seal design.  The DataSafe CX-M battery features a larger copper insert in the Slide-Lock post.  The number of plates and plate thickness are optimized with respect to the available electrolyte ensuring maximum performance during short duration discharges.

The DataSafe CX-M battery was designed for easier maintenance since all the posts and connectors reside above the cell cover; maintenance routines, including individual cell monitoring and intercell resistance measurements are simplified.  The economical design and footprint, combined with Slide-Lock post and excellent performance in short duration discharges makes this an ideal battery in UPS and switchgear applications.

Alpine Power Systems is a platinum value-added reseller of EnerSys Battery products. Alpine can provide battery services on all EnerSys batteries including engineering, installation, preventative maintenance, monitoring and recycling. Contact us today for pricing and technical inquiries.

EnerSys DataSafe CX-M Features:

  • Slide-Lock™ post seal design
  • Calcium alloy grids for lowest water loss, resulting in lowest maintenance costs
  • Lead plated copper posts provide high 1-minute rates
  • 100% Initial capacity
  • 20 year life expectancy in floating applications where high ambient temperature is not a factor
  • The number of plates and the plate thickness have been optimized with respect to the available free electrolyte to ensure maximum performance during short duration discharges without sacrificing component integrity
  • Installation services and preventative maintenance packages available

EnerSys DataSafe CX-M Standards:

  • Manufactured in EnerSys® production facilities certified to ISO™ 9001: 2008
  • Manufactured in EnerSys production facilities certified to ISO 14001: 2004
  • Available testing to IEEE 450 standards as well as customer specific applications
EnerSys DataSafe CX-M Specifications:
  • Container: Styrene Acrylonitrile Copolymer, optional PC
  • Cover: Made from flame retardant PVC, (UL94-VO/L.O.I. 28%)
  • Separators: Microporous plastic
  • Bolt connectors: Stainless steel, Standard English measure, Hex-Head
  • Inter-unit connectors: Tin-plated copper, Optional lead-plated copper
  • Electrolyte over plates: 2.38 in/60.5 mm
  • Vent type: Flame Arrestor, Fused Alumina
  • Float voltage settings (1.215 S.G.): Acceptable min/max: 2.17/2.26 Vpc, Recommended: 2.21 Vpc
  • Float voltage settings (1.250 S.G.): Acceptable min/max: 2.21/2.30 Vpc, Recommended: 2.25 Vpc
  • Sediment space: 1.00 in/25.4 mm
  • Post seal type: Slide-Lock™
  • Specific gravity: 1.215 standard (1.250 available upon request)

Plate thickness:

  • Positive: 0.20 in/5.1 mm
  • Negative: 0.14 in/3.6 mm

Plate Dimensions:


  • Positive: 7.75 in/197 mm
  • Negative: 7.75 in/197 mm


  • 8.00 in/203 mm
  • EnerSys DataSafe C Batteries Features and Benefits:

Additional Details


  • UPS


  • Lead Acid - Flooded



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