Deka Unigy T4 Batteries

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The Deka Unigy T4 is specifically designed for UPS applications and features advanced AGM technology for superior high rate, short term power.

DEKA UNIGY T4 Features:

  • Specifically designed for UPS applications
  • Advanced AGM technology for superior high rate, short term power
  • Front access design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Plates formed with IPFTM technology to assure consistent cell to cell performance
  • MICROCAT vent improves high temperature performance
  • Certified to UBC ’97-Zone 4, IBC ’06-300%
  • All batteries ship at 100% of rated capacity
  • Case & cover heat sealed and 100% tested to prevent leaks
  • Epoxy-sealed posts eliminate leaks
  • Puncture resistant micro-porous glass mat separators extend life
  • Flame arresting, low pressure, self-sealing valves are 100% factory tested
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing control processes and standards to ensure quality products
  • All batteries meet or exceed IEEE 1187 & 1188 requirements at shipment


DEKA UNIGY T4 Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 2-Volt/4100 w.p.c. @ 15 min. rate to 1.67 v.p.c.

Positive Plate: Pure lead, low-calcium, high-tin alloy

Negative Plate: Lead calcium alloy

Post Seal: Epoxy-sealed

Terminal: Front access, 7/8" - two-way lead plated copper post

Container: Flame-retardant, polypropylene - UL 94 V-0/>28% L.O.I.

Safety Vent: Low positive pressure, self-sealing w/ flame arrestor

Float Voltage: 2.25 v.p.c. ± 0.01 v.p.c. at 77°F (25°C)

Design Life: 20 years in float applications at 77°F (25°C)

Dimensions*: 53.87" (1,368.3 mm) L

x 31.00" (787.4 mm) W

x 74.18" (1,884.2 mm) H

Weight*: 9,545 lbs. (4,329.5 kg.)

Tier 4 Reliability:

  • 2-volt cell system design delivers more power in less space while maintaining cooling requirements.  Wide range of capacities and sizes to fit the requirements of UPS applications with ratings from 234 – 3434 watts @ 15 min 1.67 v.p.c.
  • STANDARD DESIGN allows modules to be stacked horizontally and connected by only six bolts, (four in front – two in back), for quick and safe battery installation.
  • INTERLOCK™ SYSTEM utilizes interlocking modules to maximize convenience with front access bolting. With standard one-piece INTERLOCK base, the system meets Zone 4 seismic specifications and is certified up to 8 modules high.
  • 2-way lead-plated copper post
  • 7/8" x 7/8" square
  • Dual surface for connector assembly
  • Easy access for ohmic meters



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