Deka Unigy II AVR45-33 Batteries

Deka Unigy II AVR45-33 Batteries Features and Benefits:

• Container and Cover: Impact-resistant polypropylene 28% L.O.I. (Optional)

• Separators: Microporous glass mat

• Plates formed with IPFTM technology to assure consistent cell to cell performance

• Shipped at 100% Capacity

• Cycle Life: 2400 cycles @ 20% DOD

• Modules coated and protected with a thick layer of powdered epoxy

• Terminals: Lead plated solid copper


Deka Unigy II AVR45-33 General Specifications

Cell type: AVR45-33

Amp hr.: 731

Length in: 12.75

Length mm: 323.7

Width in: 6.70

Width mm: 170.1

Height in: 16.1

Height mm: 409.1

Weight lb: 138

Weight kg: 63