Deka Unigy I 12AVR-145LLP Batteries

Deka Unigy I 12AVR-145LLP sealed lead-acid batteries are available as AVR (absorbed valve regulated) and GVR (gel valve regulated) technology for virtually any application demand. Both are UL recognized components and are made in the U.S.A. with individually tank-formed plates for optimized uniformity of cell-to-cell voltages.

Deka Unigy I 12AVR-145LLP General Specifications:

Rating: 145 ah @ 8 hr rate to 1.75 vpc

Float Voltage: 13.50 v.p.b. @ 77ºF (25ºC)

Weight: 45.4 kg, 100 lbs

Nominal Voltage: 12 V

Ah Capacity C/8 @ 1.75 v.p.c.: 145 Ah

Ah Capacity C/10 @ 1.75 v.p.c.: 150 Ah

Length: 454.7 mm, 16.82 in

Width: 177.0 mm, 6.97 in

Height: 237.7 mm, 9.36 in

Total Weight: 45.4 kg, 100 lbs

Acid Volume: 8.22 L, 2.17 gal