C&D 4XTH-09 Batteries

C&D 4XTH-09 Summary:

C&D 4XTH-09 flooded batteries are engineered to provide superior performance and reliability over the life of the product. These batteries are designed using proprietary techniques and quality components and materials for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.

Optimized for high-rate, shorter duration run times the XT and XT Plus Series VLA (Flooded) batteries have been the long life, reliable back up power choices for your critical UPS power needs for over 20 years.

C&D 4XTH-09 General Specifications:

Nominal Amp Hrs: 404

Nominal Volts: 8

Length:  10.24 in, 260 mm

Width: 14.32 in, 364 mm

Height: 22.88 in, 581 mm

Net Filled: 337 lb, 153 kgs

Domestic packed: 365 lbs, 166 kgs

Electrolyte per cell:  24 lbs, 10.9 kgs